How Great Sellers Create Pipeline for Themselves and Sell Through Any Economy

Ditch the pitch and get results using the Mic Drop Method.

Learn the easy to use framework used by +5,000 sellers that flips traditional cold calling on its head. Master how to start conversations with skeptical prospects over the phone without constant rejection.

Stop Fearing Cold Calling

Real Results

The Mic Drop Method Has Helped +5,000 Sellers Generate More Pipeline & Close More Deals

The moment I applied your training my cold call game improved and I closed 12 meetings. Can't thank you enough! 
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Inshar K.


Booked two Enterprises off the new script ūüėā Sharing it with my team this morning actually.Five star rating icon - vector. Stock Vector Image by ©chekman1 #322843816

Brandy D.

Sales Enablement Manager

I consistently have cold calls lasting 20 minutes because my customers keep sharing! Thank you so much for this gold!Five star rating icon - vector. Stock Vector Image by ©chekman1 #322843816

Sean H.

Enterprise AE

In under 30 mins I just booked a call with a CMO who is concerned about the cost of hiring data scientists on her team, AND the lack of domain knowledge they have in marketing. Just wanted to thank you!

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Fraser W.

Enterprise AE

I used to call and pitch and had some success. Since learning your method I am feeling a lot more confident on the phone and having way better conversations. I just wanted to thank you because I feel more confident than ever!

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Joshua M.

Senior SDR

12 meetings booked in a week vs. 2 per week prior with your teachings! Your content is honestly worth its weight in gold, you’ve helped me transform my prospecting. I can't thank you enough.

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Nissreen C.

Account Executive

It changed the game... and put me in a good mental state where I'm feeling more confident than ever. I booked a meeting with largest account on file so thank you big time!

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Guyth A.

Account Executive

It's going great using your cold call quadrant. I'm starting lots of conversations. Big thanks!

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Alex B.

Account Executive

I'm new to the SDR space, thanks for extending your knowledge to others! I'm making my first cold calls today and this couldn't have come at a better time. Thanks once again.

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Lisa D.

Sales Development Representative

Your cold call approach works great for me! Using your Mic Drop Method is keeping me afloat in hitting quota each month.

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Hayden A.

Account Executive

It's been working great and people are a lot more receptive to talking. Thank you!

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Niko K.

Enterprise AE

This has been incredibly helpful for a BDR like myself who’s new to tech sales. I was just selected as one of two BDRs internally to roll out our enterprise BDR efforts because of this!

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Tarek K.

Sales Development Representative

The main impact for me has been the approach to the cold calls. Avoiding the temptation to pitch has been a game changer! I just feel more comfortable calling now.

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Moe S.

Business Development Manager

I have like really bad cold call reluctance. This has really helped. You've really inspired me!

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Isaac B.

Sales Development Representative

Thank you, Belal! Love the Mic Drop Method. Leaders like you who put out valuable content are how I'm able to grow without having a tight sales leadership network.  So thank you!

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June-June S.

Account Executive

I'm a very big fan of the Mic Drop Method. I recently made the jump to enterprise sales after being a SMB sales leader for 10 years and I'm so glad I took your advice on cold calling. My talk time average is around 7 minutes so it’s been great! Thanks!

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Brian D.

Enterprise Account Executive

The Mic Drop Method was good, like damn good. I’m new into my role as an SDR and I smashed Q1 & Q2. Set the record for most meetings set at my company!

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Jamal H.

Sales Development Representative


With a no questions asked, 30-day money back guarantee, your name and story could be up here next, risk free.

Stop Fearing Cold Calling



No matter what level of experience you have, the ability to generate your own pipeline through cold calling is one of the most valuable skills a seller can have. Feel full confidence in picking up the phone and speaking directly to buyers using the Mic Drop Method's 4 core principles.

Seek Permission

Embrace that your cold call is unsolicited and an interruption without lowering your status with the buyer.

Ditch the Pitch

Pitching invites objections. Stop vomiting value propositions and start piquing curiosity.

Start A Dialogue

The best cold calls are conversations. Learn how to drop the mic so that your buyers start talking.

Remove Objections

Master how to preempt common objections that kill conversations and lead avoidable rejection.

Stop Fearing Cold Calling


Course Curriculum Breakdown

  • Intro & Mindset
    The problem with regular cold calling and how to take back control.
  • Sales Psychology
    The superpower of chunking and how to apply Prospect Theory to your advantage.
  • The Script
    Permission, Problem, Provoke, Promise and how to put it all together.
  • Real Examples
    TriNet, FullStory, Stratifi, and more. 
  • Objection Handling
    Why do prospects object, how to prevent them, and answers to common objections.
  • Tone
    Mastering mindset, tone, pace, and volume. 
  • Voicemails
    Why voicemails and how to use them as an effective strategy.
  • Follow Up
    Understanding the importance of compounding effect and how fortune is in the follow up.
  • Metrics & Sequencing
    The 4 cold calling metrics that matter most plus a real outbound sequence you can steal that works!
Become An Elite Cold Caller

Meet Your Instructor


Belal Batrawy has been one of the first sales hires at 7 startups, including 2 IPOs, 2 Acquistions, and 1 Fortune Unicorn. He's competed and won against industry behemoths like ADP, LinkedIn, Adobe, IBM, ZoomInfo, and Seismic, generating millions in revenue for his employers... And doing it 100% outbound through cold calling!

His sales thought leadership has been recognized via dozens of industry awards as he shares his tips and tricks on LinkedIn to tens of thousands of fellow sellers.

Now you can master the phones too by learning the Mic Drop Method directly with Belal.


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