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The "Mic Drop" Cold Calling Masterclass

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The "Mic Drop" Cold Calling Masterclass ($599.87 Value)

  • The simple but powerful techniques I used to generate over $15M in revenue all building from cold calls. 
  • In just 2 hours, you'll learn the skills that made me the #1 rep at 4 different companies - all built upon a pipeline built from cold calls.
  • Gain the amazing freedom that comes when you're in control of your own results - not a victim of circumstance. 
  • Never rely on marketing or even an SDR for your success (you can collaborate with them, but DO NOT RELY on them).
  • Earn the respect of buyers early by talking like an executive and saying what your buyers want to hear.
  • Gain the power of becoming numb to rejection. 

FREE Admission to a Group Coaching Mastermind Session ($397 Value)

Think you'll be better off with some practice and feedback? I've got you covered. 

Join a mastermind call where you can workshop and practice what you learned in the masterclass with others who are at the same place in the learning journey. 

Mic Drop Scripts ($149 Value)

Worried that your own personal version of the Mic Drop method might not be any good? 

Worried that you might fail to understand the masterclass content and create something that's doomed to fail without even knowing it? 

Don't be. Choose from a handful of proven scripts that are proven to work. Take them, tweak them, or use them as inspiration to create your own. 

LinkedIn Cold Calling Advice ($149 Value)

If you’re serious about building pipeline here in Q4, get the most popular and most helpful insight I’ve shared about cold calling over the last several years on LinkedIn.

Who says this was the best content? My audience - people like you. 

My Personal Outbound Sequence ($99 Value)

Get the exact sequence I've used for my outreach. Stop worrying about whether you're waiting too long or hitting your prospects too frequently. 

Provocative Messaging ($297 Value)

Get my training on how to say things in a way that makes people want what you have to offer. This pre-recorded course was extremely popular, and I'm including it free with your investment in this masterclass. 

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Testimonials from fellow sellers:

The Mic Drop Method was good, like damn good. I’m new into my role as an SDR and I smashed Q1 & Q2. Set the record for most meetings set at my company!

Jamal H. - SDR

I used to call and pitch and had some success. Since learning your method I am feeling a lot more confident on the phone and having way better conversations. I just wanted to thank you because I feel more confident than ever!

Joshua M. - Senior SDR

Booked two Enterprises off the new script 😂 That stuff is no joke! Sharing it with my team this morning actually. Thanks again!

Brandy D. - Sales Enablement Manager

I consistently have cold calls lasting 20 minutes because my customers keep sharing! It's led to great conversations and true relationships even if it doesn't always convert. Thank you so much for this gold!

Sean H. - Enterprise Account Executive

Brand new SDR here and I came across your cold calling training. The moment I applied your training my cold call game improved and I closed 12 meetings. Can't thank you enough!

Inshar K. - SDR

I utilized your cold call script to book a demo with a pretty sizable potential client yesterday. Still tweaking the mic drop, but it's onward and upward from here!

Greg G. - Account Executive

I'm a BDR, and I've never done cold calling before due to my previous company's policy. When I applied for a job at a company that does almost exclusively cold calling and has a cold call simulation as a task in the interview process, I went to your course to learn tips and best practices. I decided to try out your "Mic drop technique" in the interview task. Not only did I nail the task, but I also ended up getting the job and relocating to a country I've always dreamt of living in. So, once again: thank you very much for sharing such valuable and tangible content! They can truly change people's lives. 😊

Irena P. - BDR